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The City of Porterdale is in the process of completing a public improvment project to upgrade sewer lines in the community utilizing funds from a Community Development Block Grant. To remain compliant with receiving the funding for the grant, the city agrees to share with citizens the link to the









City Council Meeting

Porterdale City Hall - 2800 Main St.
Monday, July 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm


Mayor Arline Chapman

Councilmembers: Niki Wescott, Linda Finger, Tim Savage, Mike Harper, Lowell Chambers

 Interim City Manager Robert Witcher, City Attorney Tim D. Chambers, and City Clerk Linda Hanna

1)      Call to Order – Mayor Arline Chapman

2)      Invocation – Mayor Arline Chapman

3)      Pledge of Allegiance – Mayor Arline Chapman

4)      Additional Agenda Items

5)      Approval of Agenda

6)      Review and Approval of City Council Minutes

a)      June 8, 2020 Regular Teleconference Meeting

7)      Review and Approval of Consecutive Water System Intergovernmental Agreement

8)      Discussion and acceptance of $6,000.00 donation from the Newton County Chamber of Commerce for Yellow River Jam.

9)      Discussion and approval of date for 1st Public Hearing for the City of Porterdale Comprehensive Plan Update.

10)   Clarification of hiring freeze.

11)   Discussion and approval to participate in T SPLOST negotiations.

12)   Comments by City Council

13)   Adjournment.

The City of Porterdale sits astride the Yellow River on S.R. 81 in Newton County. It is approximately 36 miles east of Atlanta, and 47 miles south of Athens. Porterdale was founded in 1830 and developed as a mill town beginning with a grist mill, saw mill and foundry. Later, Bibb Manufacturing Company operated what was at the time the largest twine mill up through the end of World War II. The mill was the county's main employer, and operated the areas only fully staffed hospital, provided recreation programs for the mill workers and their children, and built beautifully designed schools and churches within the village limits.

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